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Lauren Boebert’s son called 911 on his dad for ‘throwing’ him around

The boy was ‘sobbing.’


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Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) is currently going through a divorce. Last month, the conspiratorial congresswoman filed for divorce from her husband, Jayson Boebert.

On Thursday, news broke that one of the couple’s four sons called 911 pleading for help because his father was “throwing him around the house” for reasons he did not understand.

Insider, which broke the story, reports that the teen called the police in December. During the call, he “was sobbing, gasping for air, and had trouble speaking.”

A dispatcher assured him that an officer was on their way and asked if there were weapons in the house.

“I mean there are weapons in the house, yeah, but I don’t think he’d use them on me,” the boy reportedly responded, still crying. “He just does this to me so much.”

He also said he was in the driveway and his mother was at the family’s farmhouse nearby because the couple was having problems, per Insider.

“I’m going down there where he can’t get to me,” he added.

The teen reportedly called police again five minutes later. A woman was in the background yelling as he began to tell the dispatcher that his dad hadn’t actually gotten physical with him.

Then the congresswoman took the phone. Insider reports that she also denied that there had been any physical contact, insisting instead the two had merely “had an argument over dinner.”

The police log the outlet obtained states that when an officer arrived, both the boy and his father denied that anything happened other than yelling, though Jayson Boebert conceded that “maybe the door touched his butt on the way out.”

“The officer said there were no physical marks on the teen, he and his Boebert were cooperative, and there was no crime committed,” per Insider.

Both Boeberts strenuously denied that there was Jayson was violent with their son. Jayson characterized the incident as an argument that is typical between teen boys and their fathers.

“Every teenage boy is going to want to test the bull,” he reportedly said. “We’ve gotten over it.” 

Insider reports that police were again summoned to the residence for a welfare check in early January. It is not known why they were called or by whom.

“Spoke with male at residence who came to the door when I knocked, stated ‘we’re good,’ asked if he was sure he stated that he was,” the log reportedly said.

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