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Lara Trump fires back after DNC drops AI-generated diss track mocking her music career

'Lara Trump is really mad that we’re better at fundraising AND making music than her.'


Katherine Huggins


Posted on Apr 2, 2024

Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump doesn’t seem that humored by the Democratic National Committee’s satirical response to her new song.

The daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump on Friday released a single titled “Anything Is Possible.”

The lyrics convey positive messages about not giving up and having faith. She sings: “I’ve had my ups and downs, cried when no one’s around. But still I gotta put my game face on even when I’m not feeling strong.”

Trump has previously been roasted for her singing. Her cover of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” drew mockery from Stephen Colbert and others, as well as a viral clip that was digitally manipulated to make her sound wildly off-key.

This time, the Democratic National Committee joined the bandwagon of critics with a release of its own.

“We like our song better,” the DNC wrote on X Friday of its AI-generated song “Party’s Fallin’ Down.”

“Lara Trump, what’s going on? You’re running the RNC but it’s a sad song,” the song goes. “Fundraising’s low, can’t meet the mark. Republicans losing, it’s getting dark. Oh Lara, Lara, what have you done? The party’s fallin’ down, it’s no longer fun.”

In a statement announcing the spoof release, DNC chair Jaime Harrison called Trump’s music career the same as her time at the RNC: “embarrassing, unserious, and a waste of money.”

“But we can appreciate the effort—and wanted to help Lara tell her own story about how she and her fellow MAGA extremists at the RNC are broke and losing election after election,” Harrison said. “That’s why we’re excited to release our very first single, ‘Party’s Fallin’ Down,’ a summer party anthem about how the RNC is falling apart under Lara Trump and the rest of the new ultra-MAGA team. We didn’t put as much time and money into making our song since we’re busy with our record-breaking fundraising and supporting Democrats up and down the ballot, but Lara is by all means welcome to keep making music instead of trying to win elections.”

Trump addressed the DNC’s gag in a Fox News segment Monday, saying: “This where the DNC was putting their focus, on an AI-generated song, to somehow mock me? Which as you said, wasn’t even funny. Why did they go AI?”

The DNC then quipped on X in response: “Lara Trump is really mad that we’re better at fundraising AND making music than her.”

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*First Published: Apr 2, 2024, 12:05 pm CDT