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Does Joe Biden know how to raise his hand?

The jury is still out.


Claire Goforth


The first round of the Democratic presidential debates has featured the many moderators asking the candidates to show their support for an issue by raising their hands.

Sure, it’s a simple task well-suited to a crowded debate stage, and should be pretty familiar to anyone who’s ever been to school.

Unless you are Joe Biden.

Former Vice President Joe “I was just pointing at the winner” Biden had a bit of an issue getting his arms in the air on two questions: providing insurance coverage to undocumented immigrants and decriminalizing border crossing.

Both times Biden hesitated and waited to see what everyone else did.

More than a few thought that Biden was just trying to be on the popular side of whatever question was being posed by waiting to see how the audience reacted.

Some thought he was confused and thought he had to raise his hand to speak. “ did the old ‘raise my hand opes, didn’t called on so I have to itch my ear’, trick!!” was the best comment.

Others harked back to their own school days, making quips like, “Joe Biden raises his hand like I did in algebra class.”

Hey, at least he’s keeping his hands to himself this time.


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