Biden campaign subtweets pod saves bros

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Biden attacks biggest fans over replacement calls—picks fight with Pod Save America

‘If the Pod Save America guys are re-evaluating … then it’s time to worry.’


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The election campaign for President Joe Biden took a swipe at the popular hosts of America’s most mainstream liberal podcast on Saturday after they critiqued the commander-in-chief’s lackluster performance during last week’s presidential debate.

The jab came in the form of a fundraising email sent by the Biden-Harris campaign and is believed to have been directed at “Pod Save America,” the show hosted by ex-President Barack Obama staffers Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Tommy Vietor, and Dan Pfeiffer.

In the email, the campaign referred to the hosts as “some self-important Podcasters” in an apparent effort to undermine concerns over Biden’s ability to continue as president.

“Hey — If you’re like me, you’re getting lots of texts or calls from folks about the state of the race after Thursday,” the email began. “Maybe it was your panicked aunt, your MAGA uncle, or some self-important Podcasters.”

Following Thursday’s debate, Favreau opened the podcast by bluntly stating that Biden, “in every single way, failed at that debate.”

“Look. We always want to be honest with you guys. You don’t listen to us for us to sugarcoat anything,” the host said. “I think it was a fucking disaster. I think it was maybe the worst debate I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

While the hosts still offered their support for the policies of Biden, the host entertained the possibility of replacing the president on the ticket. The president’s campaign seems to have taken the critique personally.

Responses on social media from progressives and liberals were likewise critical of the Biden campaign for seemingly choosing to further deny the valid concerns from his base.

“This is so insanely condescending,” said the host of the popular QAnon Anonymous podcast.

Others warned that such a move by the Biden campaign would only make matters worse given how influential Pod Save America is.

“Trading barbs with a podcast is some Busch league shit,” @TuckerLawsonSC added. “Keep in mind this podcast is probably the most influential pod amongst left leaning people 18-40 and organized listeners to make countless contacts in swing states in 2020.”

Pod Save America’s sudden 180 was also seen as trouble for the Biden campaign given their previously unflinching support of the 81-year-old candidate.

“Pod Save America has almost been annoying Pro Biden over the last year. Truly shutting down any discourse over any complaint people may have about Biden,” X user that tara girl wrote. “So if the Pod Save America guys are re-evaluating who should be our Candidate, then it’s time to worry hunny.”

In response to the email, Favreau doubled down on his podcast’s issues with Biden in a statement to Politico.

“We’re the Democratic Party and we are the ones trying to fight for a democracy where you can disagree in thoughtful ways without being disagreeable, trust people to be adults and have a conversation,” he said. “They seem to think that if there’s any criticism out there, it’s bad. My view is it’s OK to have this conversation now. I’d rather have it now than in October.”

Numerous reports indicate that high-profile Democrats have expressed their concerns about Biden behind the scenes. Rumors are also being spread that Biden will eventually step down and allow another candidate to take his place.

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