iPhone 6 Plus owners with damaged phones might be eligible for a free upgrade.

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Apple will reportedly replace damaged iPhone 6 Pluses with free upgrade

This could be good news for some iPhone owners.


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Published Jan 22, 2018   Updated May 22, 2021, 3:49 am CDT

If you’ve been muddling through with a faulty old iPhone, today could be your lucky day. According to a leaked internal memo, those with a damaged iPhone 6 Plus—a phone nearing 4-years-old now—could get a free iPhone 6s Plus.

A document sent out to Apple’s Authorized Service Providers, obtained by MacRumors, says that iPhone 6 Plus owners who qualify for a whole-device replacement could get a newer iPhone 6s Plus instead. Many issues can typically be dealt with by replacing a single component; for instance, if someone has problems with a faulty camera or broken display, those individual modules can be swapped out for new ones. If someone has problems with more integral phone components, however, such as the iPhone’s Lightning connector or logic board, that could warrant a whole-device replacement.

The memo doesn’t specify which iPhone 6 Plus models are affected, e.g., if it pertains to a certain storage size model or a certain color. According to MacRumors, Apple doesn’t produce the iPhone 6 Plus anymore. When it comes to device replacements, it may have already depleted the remaining stock of some models, hence the need to replace some with newer iPhone 6S Plus units.

The offer only stands through the end of March of this year and perhaps has something to do with Apple’s recent battery replacement policy, Mashable reported.

If you have notable issues with your iPhone 6 Plus, it could be worth making a Genius Bar appointment. You can get in touch with Apple Support here. Alternatively, you can make a trip to a nearby Apple Authorized Service Provider to check if you’re eligible for a device replacement. You can search for those locations through Apple’s website here.

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*First Published: Jan 22, 2018, 6:32 pm CST