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Now you can turn your Instagram gallery into nail art

When it comes to doing bizarre things with Instagram print outs, this Kickstarter campaign nailed it.  


Kate Knibbs


Ever think “Man, I wish I had an opportunity to display images from my Instagram account in a novel way on my body?” Don’t get that sous vide egg-and-organic-pork-belly sandwich tattooed on your body just yet! There may be an easier way. NailSnaps, a startup currently campaigning on Kickstarter, wants to sell nail stickers made out of Instagram pictures to the world.

NailSnaps will let people select an Instagram image or series of images and turn them into nail stickers, which are exactly what they sound like. You apply the stickers yourself when they arrive. One wonders how many people would take an Instagram of their nails after attaching images of Instagram photos to their nails. One wonders if someone could get an Instagram turned into nail art that’s just an Instagram of them wearing nail art of another Instagram photo. A zen koan for the Internet age, right here.

Take a moment to savor the apex of the “putting Instagram pictures on stuff” trend. (Notable former entries include the company that prints Instagram pictures on marshmallows, the company that prints Instagram pictures on wrapping paper, and the company that prints Instagram pictures on throw pillows, coin purses, and tote bags.) Sure, all that stuff was great (by great I mean impossibly unnecessary kitsch) but it did not involve physically attaching a printed-out version of an image from your Instagram feed to your person, and so they lose the Superfluous Printable Instagram Photo Company Olympics.

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