Detroit Auto Show features this drool-worthy collection of Instagrammed new cars

The North American International Auto Show is going on right now in Detroit, and it’s quite an exciting year to be a car fan.

For those who really don’t understand what terms like IBS, IRS, and DCT mean, don’t worry. All of these car companies have Instagram accounts and have been posting drool-worthy pieces of metal and carbon fiber all day.

America is back in the game. As Europeans have dominated the supercar scene for the past decade, U.S. fans have been hoping that Ford would deliver a comeback, and boy did it ever. The new Ford GT is absolutely stunning to look at. I mean, check out that ass.

Get the rear view. #FordGT #NAIAS #FordNAIAS

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One of the most powerful supercars of the past was also one of the most humble. We’re talking about, of course, the Acura NSX. It didn’t have scissor doors and or tons of crazy lines and angles, but it did have power. That’s what made it special; it was unassuming but ferocious. Acura has brought the NSX back, and, well, it’s not so unassuming anymore.

Alfa Romeo may not be very popular in the U.S., but the Italian sportscar maker does make some head turning carbon fiber. A followup to 2013’s 4C, which the company advertised with a lot of sex, is the 4C Spider. We don’t care that it’s the same car with the roof taken off; it’s still a marvel to look at.

Last year’s craziest car was no doubt the BMW i8. Sure it had that insufferable “i” in the front, because it was a hybrid and full of technology, but all was forgiven by how striking it looked. It seems that some of those designs have trickled down into BMW’s performance M line of cars. Don’t believe me; just check out the headlights on the new M4 concept.

Some may complain that all Porsches look the same, but we disagree. Porsches are a special breed, and Porsche fans are even special-er. This is the new Porsche 911 Targa 4 RS. Yes, the company still doesn’t know how to name its fleet of vehicles, but it can still make a hardtop convertible look pretty cool.

A Grand new entrance into the Porsche Family – The All New Targa 4 GTS #50YearsofTarga

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It’s not a supercar, but the new Chevrolet Volt looks much better than its predecessor. Look, the more people that buy electric, the less people will use gas. That means more gas for the rest of us wanting crazy fuel-guzzling sports cars. Bravo, Chevy, bravo.

Are you ready for the #NextGenVolt to drive you into the future? #NAIAS

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It would be in bad taste to ruin the set of beautiful pictures above by throwing in something ugly. We’re going to do it anyway. Volkswagen posted this on its Instagram, the Cross Coupe GTE Concept. Please, no.

Just introduced at #NAIAS: the Cross Coupe GTE concept #VWNAIAS

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As excited as we are to see some cool cars, a cool truck would be nice here or there. This is the Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept. Yes, the Korean car company known for family sedans may make a truck. It’s a pretty crazy-looking truck though.

Game on. #SantaCruz #HyundaiTruck #ConceptCar #NAIAS

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It doesn’t matter that the Tesla Model S P85D was shown off last year; it’s still as awesome as ever.

Dual Motor, Autopilot, Supercharger, Executive seats, and more #NAIAS2015 #cars #tesla

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Well, nobody saw this one coming, but here’s a good-looking car from Buick—and it’s rear wheel drive. Yeah, the Avenir is a concept, so this may not look like the final product. Let’s see if the folks at accounting and engineering can work something out.

Our surprise #NAIAS reveal: the striking, all-new #Avenir Concept. #ThatsABuick

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