Clever lock makes sure no one barges in while you’re browsing in incognito mode

incognito lock

Photo via Useless Duck Company


When you turn on your computer’s incognito mode it can mean only one thing: You’re reading some top secret news and your privacy is at risk. Of course incognito mode only protects you from snoopers after the fact, but what about the risk of someone walking in on you while you’re reading the news? Useless Duck Company has a solution for you.

The Incognito Lock is a smart lock that automatically locks your door when your incognito browser is open. Sometimes you need to look at some particularly secretive news on the fly without time to get up and lock the door. Incognito Lock has your back. 

Sadly Incognito Lock isn’t on the market at the moment, but if you’d like to build your own you can find the code here. Watch a test run of the lock here.

H/T the Next Web

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