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Say goodbye to long, fruitless searches for a reliable TV guide.

Google is already the gateway to all kinds of useful information, but finding live TV listings online can still be a multi-step process, one that often yields imperfect results. Google hopes to fix that by integrating live TV schedules right into its search results. 

The search giant announced on Wednesday that TV listings will soon appear right on a search results page. They will show up in a special widget like those that appear when people search for mathematical calculations, weather, and tracked packages. Users will be able to customize the listings for their TV provider. 


The move comes as Google expands its efforts in television advertising. The company’s new “dynamic ad insertion” feature will let advertisers customize ad displays for each viewer, preventing irrelevant ads from taking up valuable screen time. 

Google didn’t say exactly when live TV listings would begin to appear in search results, saying only that the feature would be available “soon.” 

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