Make a custom glitch art radio station for your trippy sonic needs

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It’s Memorial Day. You have your friends over, everyone has their feet kicked up, the grill is fired up and you can smell the delicious meaty goodness sizzling (along with some tofu-based burger alternative for your vegan friend but they don’t make a big deal about it and everyone is cool with it). Why not toss on some music? 

Better yet, turn everyone’s attention to Glitchy Glitch so you can crank your favorite tunes while giving everyone the impression you slipped them some hallucinogens. 

Glitchy Glitch

The simple web radio station serves up music based on what you tell it you want to hear—a mood, a genre, or an artist. Then it gives you some trippy, glitch photos for visual stimulation, a feature that feels like watching the old Windows Media Player’s visualizations mashed up with results from Google image search.

You’ll probably want to stay away from Glitchy Glitch if you have any sort of photosensitivity. But if you’re looking for an optical addition to your music experience or just want to give yourself a headache really quickly, keep a tab open with Glitchy Glitch playing.

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AJ Dellinger

AJ Dellinger

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