man with American flag punching person with Pride flag in Glendale Pride fight


Anti-Pride protest erupts in violence outside school board meeting

Three arrests were made after clashes broke out.


Mikael Thalen


Footage out of California shows fights erupting outside of a school board meeting on Tuesday where a vote was supposed to be cast on whether to recognize Pride month by the district.

The meeting by the Glendale Unified School District, which has happened for five straight years without incident, was held to approve the measure and encourage schools in the district to incorporate LGBTQ+ topics into their curriculums.

The vote attracted a large crowd of up to 500 people comprised of those in opposition to the resolution as well as counter-protesters. After several tense hours, fights began breaking out between the two groups.

At least 50 police officers were deployed to deal with the crowd. Despite their best efforts to separate the protesters, the fighting continued for some time.

Police ultimately were able to gain control, arresting three people in the process for charges such as the unlawful use of pepper spray and obstruction.

Many of those opposed to the measure wore T-shirts reading, “Leave Our Kids Alone,” a popular slogan among right-wing and fringe groups.

Those in favor carried Pride flags in an effort to show their support.

School Board President Nayiri Nahabedian confirmed that the building was placed on a temporary lockdown while police attempted to get the situation under control. As of Wednesday morning, a vote had not been held.

The crowd was ultimately dispersed after police declared that the gathering had become an unlawful assembly.

Anti-LGBTQ sentiment has become increasingly common in recent months, with conservatives protesting schools and boycotting businesses over displays of support for the community, working their base into a fervor that experts have said may cause violence.

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