Finally, there’s emoji for when you’re too hungover to type

Waking up on a Sunday morning with an epic hangover is never pleasant. Even worse, how do you coordinate plans to grab brunch when you can barely think straight, let alone type full, coherent sentences? 

Simple. Just send your pals a visual depiction of your desires using Grubhub’s new meal-time emoji keyboard, which includes emoji for “brunch,” “hangry,” and “sick.”  

While sending these emoji won’t actually deliver food to your doorstep, they could save your poor, weary brain from having to type out “ramen” or “tacos” to your friends:


The Daily Dot asked Grubhub if it had hungover customers in mind when it devised its MMMoji keyboard. A Grubhub spokesperson responded over email: 

“Everyday life involves a wide range of emotions, and we wanted to be sure our diners had a way to express that range — no matter the reason! We think the app could be useful any time people are craving a meal.”

Amrita Khalid

So, non-hungover people who have a sudden craving for  tacos, pasta, or cupcakes (wink, wink), knock yourself out.

 You can download the MMMoji app for free. It is currently only available for iOS

Amrita Khalid

Amrita Khalid

Amrita Khalid is a technology and politics reporter who specializes in breaking down complex issues into practical, useful terms. A former contributor to CQ, a Congressional news and analysis site, she's currently a master's candidate in international relations at the University of Leeds.