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Caitlyn Jenner asks Elon Musk for legal support over ‘Kardashians’ casting after Gina Carano suit filed

'Just reply to this post to receive legal support,' Musk offered. Jenner obliged.


Katherine Huggins


Posted on Feb 7, 2024

Elon Musk is offering legal help to individuals who believe they were discriminated against by Disney—and Caitlyn Jenner appears ready to take him up.

“If you were discriminated against by Disney or its subsidiaries (ABC, ESPN, Marvel, etc), just reply to this post to receive legal support,” the billionaire wrote Tuesday on the social media platform he owns, X.

The post it quoted highlighted Disney inclusion standards that Musk says were sent to him anonymously, and which he dubbed “institutionalized racism and sexism.”

The chart had been previously published four years earlier, however.

Among the primarily joking replies, such as a request “to receive financial compensation for Disney ruining Star Wars,” was Jenner’s response.

“Hulu (Disney subsidiary) never put me on my family’s show – I had been on since day 1- when it switched from E!” she wrote Tuesday night.

Hulu’s “The Kardashians” premiered on the platform in 2022 and centers on the lives of Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie. The show is a rebranded continuation of the 20-season-long show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” which ran on E! and ended in 2021.

Prior to airing on Hulu, Jenner expressed disappointment she was not involved in the show but said she was “happy” it was continuing for her family.

“I was there when this started from day one. I watched it grow,” she wrote. “And doing the show for almost 20 seasons was one of the highlights of my life. To be able to work with my family for all those years, connect with the fans, it was incredible. Happy that it continues for my family.”

Jenner added: “Of course at the same time it is unfortunate to not be given the opportunity to continue with the show. With that said, I cannot emphasize enough how happy I am for my family that it continues!”

She confirmed to Radio Times in October that she had never been asked to participate in the Hulu show and has “kind of moved on in my life from that perspective.”

But recent posts indicate she is still salty about not being included on the show.

In January, she theorized she was excluded due to her conservative political beliefs.

“I must not be woke enough,” she wrote. “Too bad… I remember when [Disney CEO] Bob Iger was a young, hard working, valet, carrying my bags, for me right after I won the Olympics.”

Musk previously offered to cover legal fees for people who had been fired or “unfairly treated” for posts made on the social media platform.

His new legal financing offer comes as he has gone after Disney for its diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Most of his posts that are critical of Disney came after the company decided to pull its advertising from X due to Musk endorsing an antisemitic post.

“They are the world’s biggest example of go woke, go broke lol,” Musk wrote days after the decision was announced.

Now, Musk is bankrolling actress Gina Carano’s lawsuit against Disney.

Carano, who was fired from “The Mandalorian” after a string of controversial social media posts including one in which she compared how Jewish people were treated in Nazi Germany to today’s experience of being hated “for political views.”

Carano claims she was wrongfully terminated, writing on X on Tuesday that she was “hunted down” because she “was not in line with the acceptable narrative of the time.”

“My words were consistently twisted to demonize & dehumanize me as an alt right wing extremist,” she wrote in a lengthy post about the lawsuit. “It was a bullying smear campaign aimed at silencing, destroying & making an example out of me.”

Carano said she teamed up with Musk after she responded to his offer of legal help for those fired over posts on X.

“Quite the noble offer, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought anyone would take on my case against Lucasfilm/Disney…To my surprise, a few months ago I received an email from a lawyer who had been hired by X to look into my story & many others,” she said. “Turns out after sending them as much information as I could gather these past few months, my now lawyers & X believe whole-heartedly in my case & are moving forward.”

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude & thank you to Elon Musk & X for giving me an opportunity to bring my case to light,” she added.

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*First Published: Feb 7, 2024, 11:39 am CST