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Zoomer antisemite Dalton Clodfelter loses funding for ‘Ye is Right’ college tour, Rumble channel

The last week hasn’t been good for the Groyper.


Claire Goforth


Dalton Clodfelter has lost funding for both his antisemitic “Ye is right” tour of college campuses and the Rumble channel associated with it. Clodfelter, who is a member of white nationalist Nick Fuentes’ so-called Groyper army, says some of the lost funding is due to “business disagreements.”

As the Daily Dot reported last week, the 22-year-old Clodfelter is chasing fame by espousing racism, antisemitism, and misogyny. He has gained a sizable following that largely comprises young, white males like himself and Fuentes, whom he considers a friend and mentor.

It’s not clear how these lost sources of funding and opportunities for exposure will affect his ability to grow that following.

Clodfelter didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment Thursday morning. He previously told the Daily Dot that he doesn’t worry about the size of his audience. “I’ve been deplatformed multiple times,” he added.

Last weekend, Clodfelter’s co-host Tyler Russell announced during their show that they are postponing the “Ye is right” tour due to “funders backing out.”

During this tour of colleges in the Southeast, the pair would set up a table with a “Ye is right, change my mind” sign and challenge students to debate their antisemitic views and Holocaust denial.

These events often featured heated exchanges and protests, which Clodfelter used for content.

The duo originally planned to travel to dozens more campuses around the country.

“Keep in mind for everyone watching, [American First] was not funding it. Ye was not funding it,” Clodfelter said, referring to Fuentes’ channel and the artist formerly known as Kanye West, respectively. On Telegram, he wrote that an unidentified “private group of individuals” were providing funding.

He added that their supporters’ donations and purchases of merchandise had paid for half the costs, but losing funding from the other group meant they have to postpone. Russell said that they’re hoping to try again in the fall.

Then, on Wednesday, Clodfelter announced that they’d “sadly” also lost the Rumble channel associated with the tour “due to business disagreements and after having the funding pulled.” Rumble is a right-wing alternative to YouTube.

The Ye is Right Rumble channel now leads to a 404 page.

Clodfelter claims that they plan to repost the footage from the college tour. “We will be uploading all YEisRIGHTS and the newest one to YouTube and Rumble once we have the footage,” he wrote on Telegram.

Update 2:46pm CT: After publication, Clodfelter told the Daily Dot via Instagram message that they have secured new funding for the Ye is Right college tour. He declined to identify their former and current sponsors for the tour. He said they plan to start it again in the fall.

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