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Cybertruck owners report whistling sounds in cabin when driving through wind

The Tesla, my friend, is blowing in the wind.


Marlon Ettinger


A Cybertruck owner reported having two different “wind issues” on their first road trip in the truck, including a loud whistle sound whenever there was a headwind, and a shaky door panel while driving through a crosswind.

The Cybertruck owner, who goes by u/Chrissugar21, posted a video on the r/cybertruck subreddit on Tuesday where you can hear the whistle.

“Have a service appointment next week,” they posted. “Anyone had this and had resolved?”

A couple of other redditors reported similar problems.

“The whistling sound is almost identical to what I had,” posted u/bravestdawg. “For me it was due to a poor seal on the roof glass, service appointment replaced the roof glass and the noise is now gone.”

Another redditor said they had the same problem because of a faulty seal on the glass headliner.

Posters on the Cybertruck Owners Club Forum previously shared issues with the headliner being loose.

“Just letting everyone know that the headliner in the front row seems to be attached to the roof with tissue paper and bubble gum,” posted @flamaest in February. “If you touch it the wrong way it’ll start drooping and you may not be able to get it to reconnect. That’s where I am at.”

Another poster shared a story on the forum of their ceiling glass cracking spontaneously in early July, though a different user pointed out that they went through a similar experience with new Saabs and Wranglers, calling the incident “fairly common on new vehicles.”

Back under the Reddit post about the loud whistle, users compared their truck model numbers to try to figure out how long the issue had been a problem.

Two posters discussing recent problems with the glass seal issue had vehicles from the 16K and 18K production series.

u/bravestdawg, who mentioned successfully resolving the problem through a service appointment, said he experienced the problem with a truck in the 5K series.

“Damn … seems like something they would’ve addressed in production by the time yours was made,” they posted.

But Tesla has long struggled with production issues.

Tesla recalled 11,688 vehicles at the end of June, citing a problem with the electrical current in the front windshield motor, which was making the motor burn itself out. A safety recall report from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration specified that their recall was for all Model Year 2024 trucks built between Nov. 13, 2023 and Jun 6, 2024, and noted that the windshield wiper defect was present in 2% of the trucks they were recalling.

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