Cybertruck owner deletes post about 'catastrophic failure' that could have killed family

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Cybertruck owner deletes post praising Tesla after vehicle’s ‘catastrophic failure’ while driving with his family

The Cybertruck owner had been mocked for praising Tesla despite the steering and brakes failing.


Mikael Thalen


Posted on Mar 7, 2024

The man who praised Tesla on X after his Cybertruck suffered a “catastrophic failure” has deleted his post, leading to widespread speculation on what spurred the move.

The post was originally made on Sunday by attorney Matthew Chiarello, who noted his love for Tesla despite his Cybertruck’s steering and brakes failing while traveling with his wife and toddler.

Chiarello’s remarks went viral across social media, with users accusing Tesla owners of belonging to a “literal cult.” But just a few days later, Chiarello’s post was gone.

Prior to its removal, the X user @AlphaDiviner responded by claiming that Tesla would likely offer Chiarello money to take down his post.

“They’re probably going to offer you money to take this post down, don’t do it,” @AlphaDiviner said. “For the future safety of others, don’t do it.”

While there’s no evidence that Tesla was involved, the removal has caused many to question what happened.

“Update: he deleted it,” @AlphaDiviner said. “The company has been covering up deadly manufacturing defects, self-driving defects, and accounting fraud. Lying to regulatory agencies. Lives are being put in danger while this ‘lawyer’ selfishly refuses to share his honest and truthful experience.”

Others argued that Chiarello likely removed the post on his own due to the attention it received.

“From experience: it’s more likely they got harassed,” one user said.

Tesla supporters, however, pushed back on the assertion that the automaker was to blame.

“Oh my gosh… one car out of the production run has some issues and they took it down because they didn’t want attention. Alert the media!” another said. “Look lets not downplay the obvious issues this family had, but are we looking at a global issue? Hardly or I’d see them lined up along the road out here. You have proof they are paid out? Even in the past? Yeah thought so. My Model Y is so deadly I can’t wait to drive my family in it to their next function.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Chiarello over X to ask why the post was removed but did not receive a reply. Tesla does not appear to have publicly commented on the post, either.

The Cybertruck received criticism since its release due to an array of issues, including the fact that the stainless steel body has begun to rust for numerous owners.

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*First Published: Mar 7, 2024, 2:48 pm CST