Tesla Bro Praises Musk After Cyber Truck Nearly Kills Him, His Family

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‘Literal cult’: Tesla driver says he still ‘loves’ his Cybertruck after steering wheel, brakes fail with wife, child in the car

'Tesla ownership is a literal cult.'


Mikael Thalen


Posted on Mar 4, 2024   Updated on Mar 4, 2024, 12:21 pm CST

A man somehow found time to praise Tesla after his Cybertruck experienced a “catastrophic failure” that potentially endangered the lives of him and his family.

In a post to X on Sunday, which included a tag for Tesla owner Elon Musk, lawyer Matthew Chiarello detailed his love for the automaker and his vehicle despite a recent road trip with his family nearly ending in disaster.

“Love @tesla and my @cybertruck but ‘catasophe [sic] failure’ with steering and brakes while on a road trip with wife and toddler…. Pretty pretty pretty not good,” Chiarello casually said. “Oh and service center not open today. @elonmusk.”


The fact that Chiarello opened his post with praise for the contraption that endangered his life, a common trait among supporters of Musk’s creations, was quickly noticed by users on social media.

“I love my shitty expensive thing that almost killed my whole family,” one user responded.

Others compared Tesla owners to members of a cult given the automaker’s feverish fan base.

“A fun little fact about Tesla is for several years now they’ve simultaneously been one of the industry leaders in customer satisfaction *and* held the highest number of complaints per 100 cars sold,” one user wrote. “Tesla ownership is a literal cult.”

“These guys could be flipped over in a ditch because their new car’s steering wheel fell off and with their last dying breath they’ll still say ‘I just want to preface this by saying how much I love Tesla, best car I’ve ever owned and it is an honor to die by your hand Mr Musk,'” another added.

The Cybertruck, like many other Tesla vehicles, has been plagued by quality and production issues since it was first announced. Just weeks after becoming available to the public, the $80,000 vehicle, which is compromised partly of stainless steel, began rusting.

Regardless, Cybertruck owners in large appear to be sticking beside Musk and his vehicle. At least one user praised Chiarello for taking a risk with such a new vehicle.

“First few months of completely new vehicles off a completely new production line will have many issues,” the user said. “Same for every manufacturer of every type of vehicle, ICE or EV. They’ll be refined over time as usual. Tesla needs to look after the early adopters who take such a thing on.”

Still, the vast majority of respondents couldn’t help but mock Chiarello’s reaction.

“[Nearly watches family die after corporate negligence leads his shoddy car to try to kill everyone] First of all, great product,” one person added.

Despite the viral attention on the tweet, Tesla does not appear to have commented on the issue. It remains unclear what exactly went wrong with the vehicle.

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*First Published: Mar 4, 2024, 12:05 pm CST