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Will Waffle House closures finally get us to take coronavirus seriously?

America’s favorite diner takes a stand.


David Covucci



Because of inconsistent messaging, America has struggled with its response to the coronavirus. While some governors and mayors have urged lockdowns and social distancing, others have tried to tout business as usual, downplaying concerns.

The schizophrenic messaging is coming from the top, as President Donald Trump has waffled and wavered with what he recommends. It’s led to a nation where only some people are taking the virus seriously, despite everyone needing to be all in to help stop its spread.

Enter southern diner Waffle House, a loved and respected brand, which announced today that about a fifth of its restaurants were shutting down, closing 418 of its locales.

Naturally, with a brand announcing these kinds of shutdowns, people started panicking. Which is good. Everyone buying into lockdowns and distancing is what’s necessary.


Waffle House is helping push concerns about the virus by switching over to a carryout menu. In doing so, perhaps it’s helping more with messaging than any other leader.


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