frozen lake against hot steel

Screengrab via Beyond the press/Youtube

The video ends in a photo finish.

Finnish couple and YouTube sensation Hydraulic Press Channel stepped away from their crushing machine and spent the day melting a frozen lake with a 45-pound scalding-hot steel cylinder.   

Their newest experiment was uploaded to the Beyond the press YouTube channel, a side project to the viral sensation that has more than 1.5 million subscribers.

The concept of the team’s latest undertaking is actually very simple: find a lake with a foot-thick layer of ice, and sit a massive block of red-hot metal on top.

The transfer of heat throughout the experiment is what makes the magic happen as we see the hot metal doing everything it can to leave its mark before the endless frozen water burns out the fire.

The real question is, will the large cylindrical block melt through the 12-inch thick ice or will it simply freeze itself inside the frozen sheet?

You’ll have to watch to find out.


Phillip Tracy

Phillip Tracy

Phillip Tracy is a technology staff writer for the Daily Dot, where he covers the gig economy, social media trends, and gadgets. He previously reported on IoT and telecom for RCR Wireless News and contributed to NewBay Media magazine. He is based in Austin, Texas.

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