tiktokin proud boy allen swindler may have tiktoked a murder


EXCLUSIVE: ‘I knocked ya out once already’: Proud Boy used TikTok to repeatedly threaten man he’s charged with murdering

‘fk Josh Alexander’


Tina-Desiree Berg


On June 25, 2023, authorities discovered the body of Joshua Alexander on the side of Interstate 5, at an interchange with the 101 Freeway near Canyonville, Oregon. He suffered a fatal gunshot wound, according to the Oregon State Police press release. 

A day later, a self-professed Proud Boy on TikTok, Allen Swindler, posted a video set to Travis Tritt’s “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” alongside the acronym “Fuck Around and Find Out.”

Oregon State Police have now made two arrests in the murder, one of who is Swindler. The other is his apparent girlfriend Sierra Sioux Jennings. A source that knows Jennings confirmed to the Daily Dot the two are dating.

The case appears to revolves around another woman that Swindler had been obsessing over, according to a public Facebook post made by a former friend.

“ANYONE who spent time with allen, the last year, would’ve known how much hatred he had towards the victim. I’m not saying I know why, or how any of this happened. Because i DONT. But I do know from PERSONAL interactions how much he hated him. You spend more then 5 minutes with him, and youd know too. This beef has been going on since summer of last year…. over a girl allen was borderline obsessed with. I’ll keep her name out of it, because she is grieving the loss of the man she loved. And doesn’t deserve anymore hurt.”

That “beef” played out publicly on TikTok. 

Days before the alleged murder, Swindler posted a video of himself with the text “fk josh alexander.”

“Tired of this juvenile shit with my exs dueche [sic] canoe.” He also alluded to a different incident, saying “knocked ya out once already, u ain’t shit..”

In another, he said, “if you want it Josh Alexander hit me up … we already know [redacted] chokes harder during sex than u can, one elbow put you out,” he wrote. 

After the murder but before he was arrested, he also posted two TikToks that appear to make reference to Alexander’s death.

The murder charges don’t appear to be Swindler’s first brush with the law. 

Earlier in the month, Swindler was arrested for assault, stalking, resisting arrest, unlawful use of a weapon, and felon in possession of body armor. 

It is unclear as to whether this is related to the murder charges. The Daily Dot reached out to the Oregon State Police, who declined to comment, citing an ongoing investigation. 

Swindler has a long rap sheet, according to records obtained by the Daily Dot. In the mid-2000s, he was convicted of unlawful possession of a firearm, robbery in the third degree, and conspiracy to commit a felony. 

He was also again charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and pled guilty to a felony for possession of a controlled substance.

In April 2011, he was charged with unlawful use of a weapon, recklessly endangering another person, pointing a firearm at another, and felon in possession of a firearm. These charges were ultimately consolidated with a second 2012 case. That case included charges for menacing, resisting arrest, and attempting to commit a felony. 

According to a public Facebook post made by the victim in the 2011 case, Swindler had a restraining order against him at the time and shot his gun into the air as a threat. In the post, she further states that he held a knife to her throat and the neighbors to call 911. 

He served a 90-month sentence at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility for the incident.

Swindler later referenced this time served in a TikTok, “90 months check my paperwork u aint killers…say goodnight to a shooter.”

Allen has a lengthy history of posting to TikTok about his activities. In one, he shared a Google search of himself and his arrest record, alongside images of him holding cash and drugs. 

Sometime after being released he posted a TikTok about bucking recidivism statistics. 

On Nov. 11, 2022 he was arrested again for violation of a court stalking protective order, possession of a controlled substance, and attempting to elude a police officer. Shortly after, on Dec. 8, he posted another TikTok with the text, “dismissal of everything deuces…fact do ur job, I’ll do mine” to the audio, “I’m not mad with the police at all. I ain’t upset with you. Your job is to catch me.”

The Daily Dot was able to verify his attendance at multiple Proud Boys rallies with known Pacific Northwest and McKenzie River chapter members. Swindler wears the group’s colors in many of his videos and in one carries a shield emblazoned with the Proud Boys logo. 

He’s posted videos to a song with the chorus, “I’m a Proud Boy.” 

He posted a photo montage on Aug. 18, 2021 that included shots of him stepping on an antifascist flag with other Proud Boys, including one with a visible Proud Boy tattoo, followed by him flashing the “OK” sign that’s become synonymous with both Proud Boys and white nationalists. The video is overlaid with the text, “Play stupid games, FAFO.” 

FAFO stands for Fuck Around and Find Out, a slogan the group has used. The Pacific Northwest Proud Boy website even has an entire page dedicated to it. 

Swindler appears to have maintained four separate TikTok accounts and an account on the TikTok-like Clapper app over the course of the last three years. Videos show him attending rallies with the Proud Boys and the right-wing militia the Three Percenters, him assembling ghost guns, him alluding to love of cocaine, and him making threats toward the man he is accused of murdering. 

Swindler has a tattoo on his hand for the Three Percenters. Known as Threepers, they are anti-government and advocate for extreme gun ownership rights.

On Dec. 8, 2020 he posted a Honeybadger montage with the caption, “For all u out there linking up with 3% I’m the honeybadger link up and let’s clean this nation of socialism and antifa.”

Honeybadger is a popular reference to an online meme about a violent creature. 

On Feb. 26, he posted a TikTok on how to make explosives out of potassium nitrate and charcoal.

Then, on Dec. 15, 2022, Swindler posted a TikTok directed at his alleged victim.

“If you want it Josh Alexander hit me up..you already know [redacted] chokes harder during sex than u can, one elbow put you out..step down lame or happy new years bi5ch.”

On April 4, 2023, he posted another TikTok threatening Alexander.

“fk Josh Alexander…ask for location, then say ur phone died, after talking shit all night while I’m with my girl..tired of this juvenile shit with my exs dueche canoe…fuck off lame I knocked ya out once already you aint shit.” 

On June 26, the day after Joshua’s body was discovered, Swindler posted a friends-only TikTok that the Daily Dot viewed with the caption “FAFO” and the text “found out some amazing news today.”

In it, he sings along to the song, “It’s a great day to be alive.” 

He flashes the “OK” sign at the end.

On July 1, 2023, he posted a second friends-only TikTok captioned, “Oh he’s not in these parts anymore..R.I…p” with him alongside an audio track of a man saying the police found a body.

His alleged accomplice, Sierra Sioux Jennings, who is also facing murder charges, made comments on many of the videos. In one she says, “My Baaaaaby” and adds a kiss emoji. 

In a statement, the Oregon State Police said that, “At this time, we do not have further information to release related to this investigation.”

The McKenzie River Proud Boys chapter did not respond to an email by the Daily Dot.

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