Obama AMA attracts Reddit newbies and brings lurkers out of hiding


First-time redditors and longtime lurkers are still posting questions for President Obama nearly 24 hours after his Q&A session ended. 

Twenty-two hours after U.S. President Barack Obama delivered his historic Reddit AMA, the questions are still pouring in.

“You do know the AMA ended about 20 hours ago, don’t you?” SoonToBeAsked wrote in the thread. “Its clearly stated in OP’s [Original Poster’s] final edit. I don’t understand why questions are still being asked.”

If you take a closer look, however, many of the queries posted most recently come from redditors with 1 link karma and 0 comment karma—the amount of Reddit karma all users are allotted upon joining the site. These stats available on each user’s page, or by hovering a cursor over any redditor’s username.

Some users have a Reddit join date of Aug. 30, while others have been around for months without earning karma. For both the newbies and the lurkers, these were the first comments they’d ever posted to Reddit, and they’re still learning the ropes. It’s a continuation of Usenet’s 1993 Eternal September, a term to refer to a constant influx of etiquette-ignorant Internet users.

Until these new users become master redditors with experience, expect to see a slight drop in standard Reddiquette practice. Here are some newbie questions the Prez probably won’t see:

  • Hey Obama It might be a bit late but What is you’re plan for our healthcare system (Zerocraft)
  • Hmm, i don’t think you’ll see this, but what do you stand on sexuality? (Walrusfodder)
  • Mr. president do you like legos? (AWho)
  • I respect you and I am big fan of you so you can think about give priority of nature and humanity? (essyads)
  • So what is your role with Illuminati? Yes I said it. Barack Saddam Hussien Obama Osama Biden Bin Laden. What are your plans for the New World Order? Sans Hogan. You don’t know evil is destined to be destroyed. Have a good day Sir. (MrJFK)
  • MR. President, what is oPinion about corruPtion in INDIA (bossyuva)
  • Mr. President, I have been waiting a rather long time for a few of my questions. Please lets be adults here and not sick [sic] your FBI, CIA goons after me. With that said, the questions should commence shouldn’t they? 1st). What really happen to Osama Bin Laden? If the Pentagon admits to having no photos or video of OBL, then what were all of the high ranking officials doing in the situation room during the supposed footage of him being shot by the spec ops team? 2nd). James Eagen Holmes. Is he a scapegoat? Is someone in the administration using him to blackmail his dad, Robert Holmes, so the massive amount of fraud that is destroying our country wouldn’t be found out? Weird how he, Robert Holmes was going to testify against LIBOR and prove with his fraud detecting algorithm technology that the Banking Monster is keeping TRILLIONS of dollars in offshore banking accounts, safe from taxmen. 3.) And lastly but not least, not by a long shot. I could ask you questions for the rest of time itself. But I don’t have that time, lol see what I did there. Anyways, Area 51/E.B.E.s/MJ12. These are probably this biggest, most sought after secrets, I could care less about the military side of any of these. Weapons are getting really boring to me, but if there is any possibility that there is any E.B.E.s in Area 51 and then I think the US has the right to know. The knowledge they can bring us is more important than the useless wars we are fighting. Who are the MJ12? And what are their purpose? Please, I would like a response sir. With respect ~J (th3onetruth)

Photo by AnonymousSkull/Reddit

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