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Steph Weaver is a freelance writer who specializes in persuasive storytelling for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. She’s written for brands and publications like the Daily Dot, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Bank of America.

human hand reaching for robot hand in front of pink to yellow gradient background Passionfruit Remix

Tool or takeover? How AI will impact the creator economy

From AI-powered recommendation engines to content generation tools, machines are transforming how people create and consume content.

On Feb 28, 2023 by Stephanie Weaver

couple laying in bed cuddling

10 best sex products for any backdoor beginner

On Sep 21, 2022 by Steph Weaver

Baby in crib playing with wooden blocks.

The 10 best baby gadgets to build a smart nursery

On Sep 14, 2022 by Steph Weaver

best boat porn

These best boat porn sites on the internet are knot too shabby

Get wet with the best.

On Jul 22, 2022 by Steph Weaver

Jerkmate logo with a woman's face in the background.

Jerkmate Review: A cam sites so good you’ll never want to play alone with yourself again

Jerkmate is an interactive cam wonderland.

On Jul 14, 2022 by Steph Weaver

sexy couple best high-quality porn sites

Best high-quality porn sites for the NSFW connoisseur

The best high-quality porn on earth is within your reach.

On Jul 7, 2022 by Steph Weaver

best july 4th porn sites, featured image, a patriotic display of fireworks over the flag held by a woman in a bikini

The best July 4th porn sites that’ll give you a bigger bang than those fireworks

Celebrate your freedom with the constitutionally protected right to pornography.

On Jun 29, 2022 by Steph Weaver

Woman on bed smoking a joint.

Live the high life with these 15 best smoke accessories

Level up your smoke sesh.

On Jun 21, 2022 by Steph Weaver


15 best lesbian sex toys for opening the floodgates between your thighs

Lesbians have more orgasms. Here’s how.

On Jun 13, 2022 by Stephanie Weaver


Disney+ gift subscriptions are the perfect present for fanatics

Give a gift the whole family will love.

On Jun 13, 2022 by Steph Weaver

best alternative porn sites featured brazzers

5 best alternative porn sites for the not-so-vanilla

Ready to get hot and heavy?

On May 19, 2022 by Stephanie Weaver

step mom porn featured

The best stepmom porn sites for all you naughty, naughty stepchildren

Scenes hotter than Stifler’s mom’s pie.

On May 18, 2022 by Steph Weaver

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