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Karl Bode is a Seattle-based freelance journalist with a focus on telecom, tech policy, politics, and consumer rights.

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After blocking a progressive reformer, big telecom seems thrilled Biden’s new FCC pick is a safe choice

It isn't bold, but it will probably succeed.

On May 23, 2023 by Karl Bode

sad Gigi Sohn with microphone

EXCLUSIVE: How 3 Democrats’ last-minute dealings killed Gigi Sohn’s FCC nomination for good

Sohn's officially withdrew her nomination yesterday.

On Mar 8, 2023 by Karl Bode

GiGi Sohn speaking at Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Confirmation Hearing

The new Republican claim that the FCC can’t reinstate net neutrality is wrong—but it might still work

A ruling against the EPA was used against Gigi Sohn.

On Feb 16, 2023 by Karl Bode

Republican elephant foot stepping on TikTok logo over white to blue vertical gradient background

Republican efforts to ban TikTok are a lazy stunt to hide the need for real data privacy reform

It's fake solution to a real problem.

On Feb 1, 2023 by Karl Bode

Catherine Cortez Masto speaking into microphone in front of American flag (l) Gigi Sohn speaking into microphone

Senator who spent all of 2022 blocking Gigi Sohn’s nomination is now mad the FCC isn’t doing its job

The senator has been silent on Sohn for a year.

On Jan 13, 2023 by Karl Bode

Gigi Sohn speaking in front of bookshelf

Gigi Sohn to be renominated to FCC

It's still unclear if she can get through the Senate., though she now faces an easier path.

On Jan 3, 2023 by Karl Bode

Gigi Sohn speaking into a microphone smiling

Democrats now have the votes to get Gigi Sohn on the FCC—will they do it?

After a year of minimal movement, there's hope.

On Dec 8, 2022 by Karl Bode

California rising up, with blue cables running from state to state, other states at varying heights with abstract binary background

The FCC’s new broadband maps are finally here—are they enough?

It's a first step in a long process.

On Nov 18, 2022 by Karl Bode

FCC headquarters with red spray paint

Midterms 2022: Democrats’ feckless telecom reform efforts are about to permanently be killed

Democrats wasted two years.

On Nov 5, 2022 by Karl Bode

Gigi Sohn

Big telecom’s relentless lobbying is pushing Gigi Sohn’s FCC nomination to the brink

Sohn has been left to fend for herself.

On Sep 21, 2022 by Karl Bode

Jessica Rosenworcel over broadband map of the United States

States spent years mapping their broadband—now they fear the FCC might throw that data away

The FCC will need to side with state data or big telecom.

On Aug 3, 2022 by Karl Bode

Ron Wyden speaking into microphone (l) Edward Markey (r)

Is Democrats’ new net neutrality bill just a 2022 midterms ploy?

Why did it come in August 2022?

On Jul 29, 2022 by Karl Bode

US circut map wifi logos on sides on blue background

The FCC’s new broadband mapping effort might be one big waste of money

The new maps will only be as accurate as telecom monopolies are honest.

On Jul 20, 2022 by Karl Bode

Network cables with knot depicting slow connection

Telecom monopolies are poised to waste the U.S.’s massive new investment in high-speed broadband

Your Wifi could be better soon. But don't hold your breath.

On Jun 30, 2022 by Karl Bode