BTS's Jungkook celebrates his birthday with a Justin Bieber cover


Photo via BTS Official/Facecbook

While other idols are partying, Jungkook is diligently practicing his English.
K-pop group BTS's youngest member, Jeon Jungkook, celebrated his 20th birthday in Korea on Wednesday by releasing a gift for his fans, a cover of the Justin Bieber song "Purpose."

"My birthday gift for you all," Jungkook wrote on the BTS Official blog. "I didn't have much time so I recorded in a hurry! But still, I hope you'll listen to it well," hashtagging the post with #justinbieber #Purpose #JK.

Jungkook has covered many other songs in English in the past, despite the fact that he is not fluent in the language. He has previously said that he wants to work on expressing more emotion in his singing, and he seems to be doing a bang-up job of it so far.

Twitter is celebrating the idol's birthday with the hashtag #HappyJungkookDay. Fans seem to be moved that Jungkook gave a gift to them on his own birthday.

Fanartists are also drawing tributes in honor of the young singer, who has been with BTS since he was 16 years old.

Way to slay the fandom, Kookie. Listen to a few more of the idol's covers below, including Tori Kelly's "Paper Hearts" and a previous Bieber song, "Nothing Like Us."

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