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supreme court

abstract art of apple and fbi logo Supreme Court approves rule change expanding FBI's hacking powers
But critics say it will make Americans less safe.
abstract art of planned parenthood logo Planned Parenthood says state laws limiting its Medicaid funding are 'illegal'
The claim follows a strongly worded letter from an Obama administration official.
LGBT immigration Here's what today's SCOTUS immigration hearing means for the LGBT community
Countless lives of LGBT immigrants are at stake.
Merrick Garland Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland has strong record on government transparency
The Chicago-born Garland is a veteran of the second-most important court in the country.
lie witness news supreme court Supreme Court edition of Lie Witness News proves that people are too gullible to live
None of these nominees are even close to the real thing, but we'd pay to see them on the Court anyway.