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South Korean and American flag. U.S. attacked North Korea with the Stuxnet virus in 2010
Virus famous for successful attack against Iran used covertly.
The Pentagon The Pentagon wants to hire 3,000 more hackers
Please, call them cybersecurity professionals.
Skull and Cross Bones in Front of Data Stream Researchers suspect a government's hand in major new malware 'Regin'
It's being described in terms similar to Stuxnet.
All sizes | Man in Uniform Typing on Computer Keyboard | Flickr - Photo Sharing! The Pentagon releases its own guide to electronic warfare
Amid ramp-up in cyber warfare capabilities, military issues new field guide to soldiers.
cybercommand.jpg (1440×720) What we talk about when we talk about cyberwar
The U.S. launched 231 offensive cyberoperations in 2011. But what exactly does that translate to in practical terms?
Gen. James Cartwright High-ranking general suspected of leaking cyberattack to the press
Did the military's second-highest ranked officer tell the New York Times all about U.S. cyberattacks against Iran?