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Thomas Jefferson America's founders nominated Supreme Court justices during election years, too
President Obama would be far from the first.
headless people in suits handing money under the table Court ruling stymies effort to bring more sunlight into campaign finance
'Disclosure chills speech. Speech without disclosure risks corruption.'
illustration of scales Supreme Court flooded by briefs urging dismissal of Texas abortion law
The Texas law forced 26 women's health clinics to close in less than 2 years.
Why does the Kentucky clerk refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses still have a job?
Kim Davis isn't standing up for her rights—she's breaking the law.
Kentucky Clerk gay marriage Kentucky clerk Kim Davis refuses to comply with Supreme Court on marriage licenses
The religious-freedom battle against marriage equality has finally hit the Supreme Court.
Sandra Bland's arrest was probably legal. It was still a disaster
The dashcam video raised a lot of questions. Here are some answers.