Restaurant customer takes chair away from pregnant woman

‘Thats insane’: Restaurant customer takes chair away from pregnant woman. Here’s why viewers are on his side

‘The audacity be crazyyy.’

On by Natasha Dubash

California water budget

‘Dystopian nightmare’: Water budget deemed ‘woke’ by the far-right

California’s Governor Gavin Newsom has garnered right-wing backlash over the past year.

On by Tricia Crimmins

rfk jr karaoke

‘Interesting choice of location’: RFK Jr. campaign hosts karaoke event across the street from where his dad was shot

‘The day after the California primary?’

On by Katherine Huggins

adam schiff

Adam Schiff’s Senate primary victory speech drowned out by calls for a ceasefire in Gaza

Both his Democratic opponents have advocated for a ceasefire.

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CHP vehicle(l), Ebony Alert(r)

California’s new Ebony Alerts receive backlash for racist undertones—despite advocates calling system ‘truly needed’

There’s a reason behind it.

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Ron Desantis holding poop map (l) Gavin Newsom (r)

‘I will tell my grandchildren’: Ron DeSantis’ fans thrilled he waved ‘poop map’ in Gavin Newsom’s face

It’s a map of poop.

On by David Covucci

Gavin Newsom falling over child; Gavin Newsom speaking at the State of the State address

Gavin Newsom plowing ‘through a small child’ during a basketball game was the highlight of his China trip

The child appeared to laugh it off and get back up quickly.

On by Katherine Huggins

Gavin Newsom(l), Xi Jinping(r)

‘Xi taking up space, Newsom ready to obey’: Conservatives praise ‘Giga Chad’ Chinese Prime Minster Xi Jinping following sitdown with Gavin Newsom

‘Girly Newsom with crossed legs meets manly Chinese President Xi Jinping.’

On by Mikael Thalen

gavin newsom vetoes

Gavin Newsom vetoes raft of progressive bills—including decriminalizing mushrooms—sparking backlash, 2024 speculation

Over the weekend, Newsom vetoed nearly 150 bills.

On by Marlon Ettinger

Gavin Newsom height

How tall is Gavin Newsom?

Gavin Newsom’s height is 6’3″.

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Great California Shakeout of 2022 earthquake simulator

California’s early-warning earthquake app has lackluster download stats—despite spending $300,000 on statewide simulator tour

Was the Great California Shakeout a success?

On by Dylan Winward

Lady Gaga over background of hundred-dollar bills

How Lady Gaga and a $14-million PSA campaign aided water conservation

Plus: Conan O’Brien and Sammy Hagar.

On by Amelia Wu

Ron DeSantis speaking on sidewalk in town with caption 'San Francisco'

Crack, poop, heroin, and ‘riff raff’: Ron DeSantis’ short trip to San Francisco was quite memorable

Sounds fun.

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Homepage article image

‘My real ID, they just snapped in half’: 23-year-old says bar snapped her real ID in half

‘Im 23 years old and i had another year till my license expires.’

On by Melody Heald

man speaking in front of tan wall with finger pointing at chest (l) man speaking with hand on chest caption 'POV: you get fired from your job bc it's busy af and you close the store for 30 min to take your breaks bc there's only 2 employees' (c) man speaking in front of tan wall (r)

‘We deserve to take our mandated breaks’: Boba shop worker closed store to take a break—then he was fired

‘He as a manager should have been responsible for the store while you guys took your break.’

On by Braden Bjella

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