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gavel lying on its side California legislators push for tougher sexual assault bill in light of Brock Turner sentence
If passed, this bill will close the loophole in sentencing sexual assault crimes.
bernie sanders couch You can own this couch that Bernie Sanders maybe farted into
And it's freeā€”just like college and healthcare should be.
Hillary Clinton smiling and pointing Hillary Clinton wins California primary in major blow to Bernie Sanders
This was the biggest race of the last major night in the Democratic primary.
illustration of liz armstrong It's up to California to vote for this bold, last-minute, outsider presidential candidate
She's not letting her complete irrelevance hold her back.
Judge Aaron Persky Judge in Stanford rape case faces recall threats
The judge's critics are calling him biased in favor of the rapist. Both are Stanford graduates.
otter pup and mom Your heart will explode when you see this lost baby otter reunited with its mom
Separated by tides, brought together by love.