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California police officer hit with third lawsuit for flashlight beatings
The first incident, in which a 25-year-old woman was beaten, dates back to 2007.
mulletfive Jaw-dropping footage shows horrific forest fire engulfing California town
We hope we never have to make a drive like this.
Uber driver Uber screwed itself by telling its drivers to take showers
But seriously, though. Take a shower.
US flag waving It's time to drop the 'A-word' when we talk about immigrants
If you think it isn’t offensive, think again.
balls Watch Los Angeles protect its water reservoir with millions of balls
There's a solid scientific reason for all these balls, but mostly we're just mesmerized by them.
ihop racist rant Old white woman yells 'we speak English in America' at Spanish-speaking IHOP customer
She told the other customer to 'go back to Spain.'