At the 11th hour of Election Day, President Barack Obama came back to Reddit to encourage users to vote.

In a post he created titled “Reddit, this is important,” Obama wrote a single post in the site’s r/politics forum, which has over 2 million subscribers and is generally acknowledged to favor him as a president.

His remarks were simple: He thanked users for their participation in his historic AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) session in August, reminded them where they could vote, and encouraged users to convince their friends to do the same.

As was the case the last time he was on Reddit, Obama snuck in the phrase “not bad,” a reference to a popular image macro made with his expression.

Users were, unsurprisingly, immediately supportive.

“I voted for you. Best of luck tonight Mr. President,” wrote WordSlinger81.

“2 hour wait in Northern Virginia and totally worth it,” added shumonkey.

Photo by @SWatercolor/Twitter