Andrew Huang created some sick beats for his new album using nothing but a giant piece of paper.

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Above: Andrew Huang created some sick beats for his new album using nothing but a giant piece of paper.

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Amtrak train smashes truck carrying a lifetime supply of bacon
An Amtrak train carrying 203 passengers collided on Friday afternoon with a truck hauling tens of thousands of pounds of bacon. There were no immediate reports of injuries.
andrew huang
Dude covers '99 Red Balloons' with 4 red balloons
One of the most famous songs of the ’80s is getting a makeover. For one of his song challenges, Andrew Huang took on “99 Red Balloons” (or “99 Luftballons”)—but this time he’s taking it literally by using a bunch of red balloons as musical instruments. If you’ve seen his cover of the Breaking Bad theme, you know he can do a lot with extreme limitations.
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