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Need a quick smile? Try watching this assuring montage of clips of President Barack Obama. 

If you need some love, President Barack Obama has a lot to give.

On Obama Loves You Back, a seemingly endless loop of YouTube videos show the president telling crowds at various speeches that he loves them back. That’s it—but it’s a real confidence booster!

The website was created Monday by Mark Pike, a Facebook employee and Obama supporter. On his blog, he said it only took him 10 minutes to build, and its racked up more than 500,000 views. The site even earned a mention on Obama’s reelection Tumblr, which called the montage “pretty great.”

As as to why Pike created the website, well, again it’s all about love.

“I love that moment in Obama's speeches when he's interrupted by somebody in the crowd yelling ‘We love you!’ and he just says, ‘I love you back,’” Pike explained on his Facebook page.

No matter what side you fall politically, you can’t say Obama doesn’t love you.

Photo by Intel Photos

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