The Democratic National Committee has created a clever website parodying the elusiveness of Romney's proposed $5 trillion in tax cuts. 

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has announced a tax plan that should run $5 trillion on the government's tab over the next 10 years. However, the former Massachusetts governor still hasn't made any legitimate mention of what he plans to cut to make up the difference.

It's auspicious, sure, but it's also ambiguous.

"Missing from Romney's tax plan," reads Cyrus Sanati's headline in a Forbes op-ed this morning, "Reality."

To help alleviate concern and confusion, the Democratic National Committee has created what they consider to be the most thorough direction of Romney's tax plan yet.

Getting the final verdict is easy: Just go to the Romney Tax Plan site and do as the DNC says.

Oh, wait. You mean that, um, what?

In that case, here's hoping debate moderator Candy Crowley asks the pressing questions at the presidential debate tonight at 9:00pm ET.

Photo via Mitt Romney/Facebook

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