The physical toll of U.S. presidency in 10 GIFs

older obama shaking hands with younger obama
The next time you find yourself freaking out over a new mole or wrinkle, just take a look at what years of running the world’s most powerful country did to the mugs of these guys.

All of the Ponds anti-aging cream and hair plugs in the world can’t fix the worn faces of these men.

Being president of the United States is perhaps the greatest honor and greatest curse a person can obtain. The level of stress required in dealing with war, economic distress, and suffocating media scrutiny would crush any ordinary citizen. Each of our 44 American presidents has mastered the ability to hide his emotions and exude an air of calm.

What nearly each of them hasn’t been able to do is prevent the stress from wreaking havoc on their faces.

President Bill Clinton’s hair went from black to stark white, Jimmy Carter's crow's feet turned into pterodactyl claws, and Abraham Lincoln’s cheekbones were sharpened into razors.

The next time you find yourself freaking out over a new mole or wrinkle, just take a look at what years of running the world’s most powerful country did to the mugs of these guys.

President Abraham Lincoln

Some sources of stress:

- Slavery
- The Civil War, which claimed the lives of about 700,000
- Reconstructing the war-ravaged South

President John F. Kennedy

Some sources of stress:

Keeping all those alleged extramarital affairs in order
Vietnam War
Cuban Missile Crisis

President Gerald Ford

Some sources of stress:

Pardon of disgraced President Richard Nixon
Two assassination attempts
The Vietnam War

President Jimmy Carter

Some sources of stress:

For 444 days, 52 American diplomats were held hostage by Iranians in the U.S embassy in Tehran.
High unemployment and inflation
U.S. energy crisis

President Ronald Reagan

Some sources of stress:

A $160 billion bailout for more than 700 savings and loans institutions
Ongoing drama related to the Iran-Contra affair
March 30, 1981, assassination attempt

President George H. W. Bush

Some sources of stress:

$220 billion deficit
Iran-Contra Affair: Clemency granted to politicians who sold weapons to Iran
Secretary of the Treasury Catalina Villalpando took an abrupt leave of absence before ultimately being sentenced to prison for tax evasion and obstruction of justice.

President Bill Clinton

Some sources of stress:

Crisis in the Balkans
The Monica Lewinsky scandal

President George W. Bush

Some sources of stress:

Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon
Subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
Adviser Karl Rove investigated for “improper political influence
Release of Oliver Stone’s W, a film based on the life and presidency of Bush

President Barack Obama

Some sources of stress:

The fight over the Affordable Care Act
Trying to explain the laundry list of NSA spying programs
Ongoing war in Afghanistan
The deaths of veterans while waiting for care at Veterans Affairs hospitals
A Republican-controlled Congress

Photo via Imgur, Wikipedia, Time Inc., Reddit | GIFs by Fernando Alfonso III | Main photo via WikipediaWhite House/Flickr (PD, and Matt H Wade/Wikipedia | Remix by Jason Reed

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