Solange shares concert experience to exemplify why black people feel unsafe in white spaces


Screengrab via solangeknowlesmusic/YouTube

You can’t say she 'brought the drama.'

Last night, singer-songwriter Solange Knowles took to Twitter to describe an experience that exemplifies why so many black people feel unsafe in white spaces.

We were all ears.It started when Knowles took her family to a Kraftwerk concert in New Orleans. When they got to the show—whose audience was overwhelmingly white, Solange said—they started dancing. You know, perfectly acceptable behavior at a dance music concert. And yet...

Her son later confirmed that it was a lime. She alluded to how the “old her” might have responded differently to the situation. But instead, she wanted to share the experience with her followers on Twitter in the hopes that “maybe someone would understand why we don’t feel safe.”

Just to reiterate, she went to a dance music concert with her family, danced at it, and then was told to sit down by fellow concertgoers and had a lime thrown at her back. But she just let it roll off her shoulders.

Of course, there’s just no getting through to some people.
Knowles has the best response, though.
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