Which iPhone lasts the longest after being set on fire?


Photo via Zach Straley

Some men just want to watch the iPhone burn.

When it comes to buying a smartphone one of the important things to consider is durability. Can it survive a drop? What happens when it gets wet? How long can it survive being on fire? If you’ve never asked yourself that last question, there’s probably a good reason you’re not a hit on YouTube. Zach Straley however, does ask those questions, and then answers them with the power of flame.

In a new video, Straley sees which model of iPhone can survive the longest after being set on fire. The results may surprise you, unless you’re still holding on to your beloved and nearly indestructible iPhone 4s. The iPhone 6 is great phone in many respects but when comes to surviving the blaze it can’t take the heat.

Enjoy, and please don’t set your electronics on fire.

H/T Gizmodo

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