Emoji reveal the horrific, hysterical life of billiard balls in this art project


Photo via Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec

Artist Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec used a little paint to unlock the hidden emoji soul of billiard balls.

When life hands you lemons you make lemonade. When life hands a graphic designer a pool table, they make art.

At least, that's what designer Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec did when the agency he works at got a new pool table. With the help of Joseph Davies, Sonali Ranjit, Xuan Pham, and Winigreeni, the artist created a set of emoji billiard balls.

Putting emotive faces on the balls adds a hysterical—and slightly horrific—angle to the game of pool, but these shots are simply gorgeous. Enjoy the macabre glory of emoji billiard balls awaiting their fate below.

You can find the complete set of photos from Le Divelec's project over at his personal website. Take a few minutes to look at the other projects featured there. You're in for a treat.

H/T Design Boom

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