Apple reincarnates Harambe with emoji tweak

iOS update

Photo via Håkan Dahlström (CC-BY)

You can now properly facepalm, too.
Apple is no stranger to creating an uproar with its emoji updates—remember the whole water pistol incident?—and in a new developer beta release of iOS 10.2, the next wave of emoji will finally see the light of day.

On the all-new emoji front there are some pretty interesting additions, such as this handsome fella here:


There's also a new fox, avocado, and owl emoji:

Apple (via Emojipedia)

In fact, there's lots of new animals in iOS 10.2:

Apple (via Emojipedia)

But it's not just new emoji that are coming; lots of existing emoji are getting new looks. Among the newly refreshed emoji are an updated shrug:




And new professions for male and female emoji:


All of these additions are great, but there's one tweak that might totally put a damper on your sexting habits. It seems Apple has had enough of the "peach butt" and decided to redesign everyone's favorite fruit emoji to something much less suggestive:


There's no official release date for iOS 10.2 as of yet, but it should be just around the corner. 

Update 10:03am CT, Dec. 13: Apple released the newest iOS update this morning, and the gorilla emoji is among the many new emoji available to users.

Although it’s supposed to be a generic gorilla, it’s unlikely the association with Harambe will go away anytime soon.

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