pocket tv
Pocket TV, propelled by blockbuster Kickstarter funding, is USB drive-like device that plugsdirectly into your TV.


Game changer.

That’s Pocket TV.

We’re pretty stoked about this one. As the developers put it, it turns any, relatively modern day TV into a Smart TV with Android goodness packed into a tiny box. Here’s how it works. You take a USB drive-like dongle, plug it directly into the HDMI port on your TV, power on the device and boom, your TV is now a large screen Android smartphone that can download apps from Google Play, connect to the Internet, stream audio/video and pack a host of additional functionality on a much larger, easy to view display.

Pocket TV comes bundled with a standard infrared remote control and an air remote with a keyboard to make it easy to interact with the TV. Obviously having the latter is better if you intend to do anything besides clicking on the play button. The device also has a SD card slot for added storage.

The smartphone on TV was a Kickstarter project that successfully raised $500K+ with the initial goal to raise $100K. Preorders are available at$149.99 + $30 for the air remote with shipping later this month. The developers have also promised to work on a mobile app to make Pocket TV work with existing Android and iOS smartphones.

Photo via Kickstarter

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