YouTube’s ‘Fred,’ Lucas Cruikshank, comes out as gay

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His family and friends have known for years. Now, he’s sharing with the entire Internet.

YouTube star Lucas Cruikshank–you know him as “Fred”—has an announcement to make: He’s gay.

Cruikshank, who’s known for making the leap to mainstream entertainment by bringing his over-the-top hyper character Fred Figglehorn to Nickelodeon, casually told his viewers about his sexuality on Tuesday during the first episode of Ask Lucas and Jennifer with best friend Jenny Veal.

The two sat in bed together as they tackled a few silly questions from viewers. Who would you throw a tomato at? What cartoon character would you be? Finally, they got to one of the most popular questions: “Are you gay?”

They laughed as Cruikshank confirmed it and admitted that he felt awkward actually saying it. He didn’t think his sexuality was a huge deal, although he wondered why Veal didn’t have to make a video admitting that she was straight.

“My family and friends have known this for like three years,” he said. “I just haven’t felt the need to announce this on the Internet.”

Support quickly came Cruikshank’s way, but it was a private message from a major LGBT idol that blew him away.

Veal, who “prayed for a gay best friend for five years,” also couldn’t be more proud of Cruikshank.



Photo via lucas/YouTube

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