Young M.A. is directing a feature for Pornhub called 'The Gift.'


Rapper Young M.A. joins forces with Pornhub for a feature film

Her songs will be the soundtrack on a ‘women only’ production.


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Ahead of the release of her debut album, 26-year-old rapper Young M.A. joined forces with Pornhub to direct a feature called The Gift.

The directorial debut anticipates the release of Her Story in the Making from the Brooklyn MC who brought us “OOOUUU” in 2016. Her songs will be featured on the soundtrack for the “women only” production in “key scenes,” Vibe reports.

The Gift is the first in a new Pornhub series featuring “original pornographic films from creative of all kinds in an effort to diversify porn production and help create more varied content—paying particular attention to Pornhub’s female audience,” according to Pitchfork.

A behind-the-scenes interview shows Young M.A. having the time of her life on the Pornhub set.

“This all goes into Her Story, which is the album that will be dropping real soon. It’s kind of a part of my story because it’s some nice little action going on with these beautiful women, women only,” Young M.A. said. “I look forward to that, that I was in control of how everything is going to play out, and the girls and the scenes.”

Young M.A. dropped a music video for her single “Praktice” last week.

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