x-men apocalypse

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But will anyone do it?

Twentieth Century Fox is making Snapchat history twice over in its promotional campaign for X-Men: Apocalypse.

The company has purchased all nine of the ephemeral-messaging app’s coveted selfie lense slots, meaning that, for 24 hours on May 23, fans can Magneto- or Mystique-ify themselves within the app instead of wearing puppy ears or puking a rainbow.

But Fox didn’t just make selfie lenses. It’s also partnering with Snapchat to become the first company to offer tickets through the app’s Discover tab.

People, BuzzFeed, Food Network, Vox, Vice, and the Wall Street Journal are all running ads that give users the option to swipe up and purchase X-Men: Apocalypse tickets from either Fandango or MovieTickets.com. This first-of-a-kind offering could mark a new trend in promoted ticketing if it’s successful.

On Twitter, marketing and advertising enthusiasts seem pretty supportive of the idea, but few normal people are tweeting about it yet.

H/T Variety

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