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YouTuber WolfieRaps called out on Instagram by high schooler he’s allegedly cheating with

She has receipts.


Christine Friar


Posted on May 29, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 2:45 pm CDT

Charlie Xavier, aka WolfieRaps, is in hot water with the YouTube community after a high school student has provided receipts claiming romantic ties to the vlogger.

Wolfie’s channel has over 7.9 million subscribers and frequently features pranks he pulls on longtime girlfriend and fellow vlogger Sylvia Gani, but these rumors certainly don’t seem like a hoax. Sunday afternoon, YouTube channel DramaAlert reported that an “aspiring model” slash Instagram user @itsjasmyng had purported to have a history of romantic involvement with the coupled-up Wolfie, who is 24 years old according to Famous Birthdays. As evidence, she provided flirtatious texts from him in her phone (where he’s saved as “Daddy”), and more suspiciously, a selfie of them in bed together. Her Instagram account has since been set to private, and her Twitter has apparently been deactivated, but DramaAlert has screenshots in the below video.

In one particularly alarming tweet from spring of 2017, the girl identified herself as 15 years old. California’s current age of consent is 18.

DramaAlert reached out to Wolfie and Sylvia Gani for their take, but the couple said they had no comment at this time. The high school student, however, offered to give an interview to explain her side of the story. So Monday afternoon a second video was released.

DramaAlert asked the teen, who goes by Jasmyn, why she decided to “out Wolfie” on Instagram.

“I was tired…” she explained. “I had no say in anything and, I don’t know. He posted something on his Snapchat that triggered me.”

The teen went on to explain that seeing a video Wolfie posted blowing kisses to Sylvia motivated her decision to come clean. The YouTuber would apparently book separate AirBnbs for Sylvia while they were in town so he could invite the teenage Jasmyn to come stay with him at influencer hangout the Clout House.

“I was just like, you know what, I’m tired of this,” she explained.

Jasmyn says she met Wolfie at another YouTuber’s party in September of 2017, and while she did not go into particulars of what their relationship entailed, she did confirm she was “secretly dating” the vlogger and was his “side chick.” When DramaAlert asked her to confirm that she and Wolfie “were hooking up at some point, right?” she laughed and replied, “I guess.”

Despite what DramaAlert found in her Twitter archives, Jasmyn claims she was 17 when she met Wolfie, and that “he knew that” from the beginning.

WolfieRaps has not tweeted or posted a new video since the news broke.

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*First Published: May 29, 2018, 3:19 pm CDT