Nothing is more twee than this Wes Anderson ‘X-Men’ spoof

When its not being admired by twee hipsters at arthouse cinemas, Wes Anderson’s artistic vision is being spoofed by everyone from SNL to intrepid YouTubers who imagined what an Anderson-directed porno might look like

But forget those parodies. What would it look like if the legendary director’s aesthetic were applied to one of the big-budget superhero movies Hollywood  loves to churn out? That’s the question filmmaker Patrick H. Willems sought to answer in his latest short, “What if Wes Anderson directed X-Men?”

The result is actually pretty pleasing. Willems manages to meld all your favorite mutants with all the classic Anderson tropes and throw in a few jokes as well. The whole thing actually makes us wish that Rushmore had focused on a group of wayward young mutants instead of perky young kids at a prep school. 

Hollywood, we hope you’re paying attention. If you’re tired of dealing with all the Bryan Singer drama, just sign Anderson on for the next X-Men project and get ready for a whole lot of Futura. 

H/T The Hollywood Reporter | Screengrab via Patrick (H) Willems/YouTube

Greg Seals

Greg Seals

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