Some genius added Waluigi to Rihanna’s ‘Wild Thoughts’ and it’s perfect

If you thought Rihanna and DJ Khaled‘s collab “Wild Thoughts” was your song of summer, think again.

Twitter user James Nielssen (who goes by @cool_as_heck) remixed the Top 40 hit to be from the point of view of Waluigi, and it definitely bangs. Who doesn’t love to see their lanky, evil counterparts sporting off-the-shoulder gowns and grinding up on a dresser in the name of pop? It’s like the Babadook meme visited the set of Santana’s “Smooth” video.

In the event that the premise doesn’t immediately give away the joke, we’ll give you one hint: when Rih (who is Barbadian) repeats “wild, wild, wild” in the chorus, it sounds an awful like the Nintendo villain identifying himself.

See what we mean? It’s… beautiful.

Christine Friar

Christine Friar

Christine Friar is a writer and editor in New York who focuses on streaming entertainment and internet culture. Her work has appeared in the Awl, the Fader, New York Magazine, Paper Magazine, Vogue, Elle, and more.