K-pop artists team up with UNICEF for ‘Imagine 2016’ campaign

In a new video for UNICEF, artists from Korean agency SM Entertainment join the #IMAGINE campaign, asking us to “Imagine” a world of peace and unity.

Alongside other well-known Western artists such as Katy Perry and will.i.am, the SM clan covers John Lennon‘s “Imagine” to promote UNICEF in bringing equal opportunities to all children. The SM stars who participated include TVXQ’s Changmin, Super Junior’s Siwon, Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, Shinee’s Minho, Exo’s Chen and Baekhyun, Trax’s Jay, and soloists J-min and Lee Dongwoo.

The video project began in 2014 with U.S. artists, and UNICEF expanded to global artists by creating a world version early last year. With SM Entertainment, UNICEF has now brought K-pop artists into the mix.

SM Entertainment is known to have partnered with UNICEF in the past, and most of these artists have collaborated with the charity before. In November, UNICEF chose Siwon to serve as a special representative for the organization’s Korean branch, as the singer has been involved with UNICEF since at least 2013. 

Both Girls’ Generation’s TTS unit and Exo vowed in December to donate a portion of their Christmas special albums to the charity as well. Members from both groups have also participated in pictorials for UNICEF campaigns “Make a Promise” with Louis Vuitton and “School For Asia” with fashion brand Spao last year.

Details of UNICEF’s Korean partnership can be found here.

Sherry Tucci

Sherry Tucci

Sherry Tucci is a fandom reporter who specializes in Korean pop culture and anime. In addition to her work at the Daily Dot, her reporting has appeared in the Daily Texan.