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Here’s the trailer for the next big Korean drama, ‘Uncontrollably Fond’

Romance, intrigue, and unbearably hot people? This K-drama has all three.


Colette Bennett


Posted on Jun 8, 2016   Updated on May 26, 2021, 3:41 pm CDT

If you’ve never watched a Korean drama, you’re missing out on some of Asia’s most interesting entertainment. Over-the-top romance, super dramatic action, and deep dives into Korean history are just a few of the staples that K-drama fans live by.

Whether that’s you or you’re already addicted to K-drama, both newbies and veterans have the same question: What’s the next big drama to watch? We’re putting our bets on a brand new one coming in July called Uncontrollably Fond, which we have an exclusive trailer for right here.

Starring the gorgeous Kim Woo Bin of Heirs fame and Miss A’s eternally adorable Suzy, Uncontrollably Fond tells the tale of two young friends who grew up to become very different people. Bin’s character, Shin Yoon Young, is a conceited K-pop star, while No Eul (Suzy) has become a television producer. Their personalities differ a great deal, which means we have a classic Korean rom-com on our hands.

Korean romantic comedies have their own brand of special appeal. Often cheesy to the point of hilarity, yet somehow also sweet and adorable, it’s all too easy to get addicted and binge-watch an entire series (or two, or five…). Uncontrollably Fond has the star power it takes to make a drama huge, not to mention that it’s written by Korean scriptwriter Lee Kyoung Hee, who is known for his work on massively popular dramas like I’m Sorry, I Love You.

Uncontrollably Fond debuts in both Korea and America on July 7. The U.S. debut is exclusive to DramaFever and will be simulcast at the same time as the Korean broadcast. We’re ready with snacks, our favorite blanket, and the remote (and Kleenex to cry into, of course).

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*First Published: Jun 8, 2016, 6:19 pm CDT