Uber driver chews out Drake, his driver for hitting his car


A video released by TMZ on Wednesday morning shows an Uber driver going off on Drake and his driver after they reportedly “dinged” his car.

After arriving at Delilah, a restaurant in West Hollywood on Tuesday night, Drake’s driver allegedly opened his door and hit a nearby Uber car, causing the owner to call the rapper a “fucking idiot.”

The video shows Drake, who had already walked away, turning back to stare at the commotion. After a brief assessment of the scene, Drake shakes his head and laughs as he walks away.

According to TMZ, L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the incident by the Uber driver but didn’t take a report as there was no crime committed.

We can only hope this wasn’t the car Kiki was riding in.


Kristina Nguyen

Kristina Nguyen

Kristina Nguyen is an editorial intern for the Daily Dot. She is studying journalism and American studies at the University of Texas at Austin. She has previously contributed to Orange magazine and Silk Club's QUIET! zine.