Tiny Dwight Schrute is the cutest, most infuriating co-worker


In nine seasons of the American Office, many characters emerged as fan favorites: Ed Helms’ Andy, Phyllis Smith’s Phyllis, and, of course, dynamic duo Jim and Pam. But dark horse candidate Dwight K. Schrute just rose a few points in the polls.

Office star Jenna Fischer (who played Pam) posted the kiddo’s photo on Twitter after a fan sent it in. (A few early stories claimed it was Fischer’s son, but she quickly clarified he’s the son of Ashley Gill instead.)

The short-sleeve button-down, hair, and glasses get him most of the way there, but his little scowl in the photo really cinches the likeness.

H/T Mashable

Monica Riese

Monica Riese

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