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Ted Nugent calls the Parkland shooting activists ‘mushy-brained children’ who ‘have no soul’

'The evidence is irrefutable,' Nugent said.


Bryan Rolli


Published Mar 31, 2018   Updated May 21, 2021, 7:57 pm CDT

Classic rocker and avowed gun enthusiast Ted Nugent visited The Joe Pags Show on Friday night, where he bashed the teenagers who survived the Parkland shooting and have since advocated for gun control.

Nugent, who’s an NRA board member himself, called the Parkland students and March for Our Lives organizers “mushy-brained children” who are “committing spiritual suicide.” He added that their proposals, such as universal background checks and banning assault-style rifles, “will cause more death and mayhem, guaranteed.”

The “Cat Scratch Fever” guitarist who visited Trump in the White House last year blamed a familiar list of culprits for this way of thinking, including the “media” and the modern education system.

“The dumbing down of America is manifested in the culture deprivation of our academia that have taught these kids the lies, media that have prodded and encouraged and provided these kids lies,” he said. “To attack the good law-abiding families of America when well-known predictable murderers commit these horrors is deep in the category of soulless. These poor children, I’m afraid to say this and it hurts me to say this, but the evidence is irrefutable. They have no soul.”

Evidently, these comments did not hurt Nugent enough to keep him from reneging on his vow to no longer engage in “hateful rhetoric,” which he made last June after a gunman opened fire on a congressional baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia. Nugent previously called Barack Obama a “subhuman mongrel” and told him to “suck my tiger dick,” and Nugent suggested Obama and Hillary Clinton should be “tried for treason and hung.”

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*First Published: Mar 31, 2018, 5:14 pm CDT