Selena Gomez/YouTube

Can you spot her?

Selena Gomez dropped a ’70s-themed video for her lowkey summer anthem “Bad Liar” this week, and fans may have spotted an Easter egg.

Gomez plays a wholesome high school student, two teachers, and both her parents in the (very cute) video—which might seem like a lot, but really just means she gets to experiment with more wigs and bellbottoms.

The video has been making headlines for its cute gay subplot—teen Gomez has a crush on her blonde gym teacher (also played by Gomez)—but one eagle-eyed Elle writer caught a much subtler detail in the video’s universe. One poster on teen Gomez’s bedroom wall appears to be for a Charlie’s Angels-type show, and the lead angel bears a striking resemblance to Gomez ally Taylor Swift:

Selena Gomez/YouTube

Elle also speculates that the brunettes at Swift’s side could be mutual friends Lorde and Demi Lovato, but those faces seem more like stretches. No matter what, it seems likely that in some alternate reality, Taylor Swift is the Farrah Fawcett of her time. Iconic.

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